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Is there a brief you would like to discuss?

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

We are currently receiving a very high number of enquiries and are getting back to people as quickly as possible.

To help us respond as efficiently as possible, please review
the following information carefully...

1. MOQ's & Lead Times

Firstly, if you are interested in creating a new product, please review our MOQ's & Lead Times document, which includes a breakdown across our most popular product formats.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a manufacturer?
    We are a team of Nutritionists, Product Developers, Supply Chain Managers and Quality Assurance Specialists. We develop products in-house before working with our global network of manufacturing partners, ingredient suppliers and packaging printers to produce your finished goods. This enables us to offer a far wider range of bespoke products and solutions than would be possible in a single facility.
  • Are you able to reduce the MOQ?
    Unfortunately our MOQs are non-negotiable and need to be met. This is largely dictated by the MOQs of individual ingredients.
  • Do you provide samples?
    Samples are created as part of the Product Development process and you will be able to discuss this in more detail once we have reviewed your brief.
  • Do you offer Drop Shipping or Amazon fulfilment?
    We do not hold stock of any items or offer drop shipping services but we can deliver your finished units to your chosen 3PL provider or FBA warehouse.
  • What certifications do you have?
    Our business model enables us to produce your goods in a facility that meets your requirements. This includes a wide range of quality and manufacturing certifications, such as Informed Sport, BRC, GMP, etc. If you have any certification preferences or requirements please let us know.
  • Who owns the ‘Intellectual Property’?
    It is uncommon for recipes to be classed Intellectual Property and the protection for brands typically comes down to the branding and design of the finished product (which you can manage/own). The ingredients list legally needs to be included on pack, which means it is within the public domain as soon as you go to market. In more specific terms, BLC creates a Product Specification for every product, which includes a full ingredient list with dosages for all active ingredients, along with the nutritional information. Each client is welcome to use the Product Specification however they need. The only information that is not disclosed is the breakdown of the flavour system, which is deemed confidential and doesn’t legally need to be included on pack.
  • Do your costs include product testing?
    All ingredients are thoroughly tested before production and supported by a Certificate of Analysis but further testing is available upon request, if needed. Testing requirements often vary across clients and projects but please let us know what you require and we can help make the arrangements.
  • Can you help with compliance and regulations?
    Yes, we can include a UK Compliance Review as part of our process, which includes the generation of recommended on-pack text along with a review of your final artwork before print. We do not offer International Compliance or import/export services but may be able to refer you to a consultant who can help with international regulations.

Second, please review the FAQ's below, which may help answer some of your initial questions and help clarify important aspects of how we operate.

3. Any Questions?

If you have any initial questions that need answering before you can submit a more detailed enquiry, simply hit the button below to send a message to the team. Please allow 5-7 working days for a reply during busy periods.

Alternatively, please continue to the final section to submit an enquiry.

4. Tell Us More

If you are comfortable with the above information and would like to discuss a project, please follow the link below to Tell Us More.

We kindly request that you complete this form to help us understand your plans & ambitions. Once submitted, the team will review your requirements and will be in touch to arrange a call.

Following the above process is the most effective way of moving forward and we will do our best to come back to everyone as quickly as possible.

We really appreciate your patience.

Many thanks,
The BLC New Business Team

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