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Nootropics & Sleep Elixirs

Start Your Custom Nootropics and Beauty Elixir Journey With Black Label Creations

At Black Label Creations, we proudly use well-sourced and researched ingredients to formulate and develop incredible and high-quality custom nootropic powders. Whether you want a custom nootropic that helps you fall soundly asleep or boosts your brainpower – let us do the work. 

We create products that have a range of cognitive benefits to increase brain function.

Beauty Elixirs

We also create unique and strong Beauty Elixir products. Beauty Elixir is a skin-feeding facial spray that aids glowing complexion.

The beauty elixir’s that we create are both a toner and face serum at the same time. We use natural ingredients to produce a high-quality beauty elixir.


Contact us now to run through our bespoke development process.

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