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Product Creation

Naturecan's CBD Protein Balls are packed with raw fruit, nuts, a completely plant-based protein blend and now available in 20 countries worldwide.

Naturecan, an industry leader in the ever-growing CBD market, founded by Andy Duckworth, the former CEO of Myprotein, assigned us the task of developing disruptive CBD products to add to their existing range.


Fully committed to supporting our client, we developed the Naturecan - CBD Protein Balls Packed. Packed with raw fruit, nuts and a completely plant-based protein blend, this ready-to-eat product naturally supports muscle growth, delivering 25mg of CBD per serving & making it the ultimate post-workout snack or any-time boost.The CBD Protein Balls are now being sold online in 20 countries around the world.

"Great experiences working with BLC. Fast NPD and great design where needed. Highly recommended."

- Andy Duckworth from Naturecan

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